Turkish Ambassador from Benghazi: We will do everything to strengthen Turkish-Libyan relations.

During his meeting with the Chairman of the Management Council of the municipality of Benghazi, Al-Saqr Bujuari in Benghazi, the Turkish ambassador to Libya, “Kanaan Yilmaz,” stressed the desire of the Turkish side to activate the joint economic and commercial movement and to do everything that would strengthen Turkish-Libyan relations.

Bujuari stressed the need to achieve serious and fruitful cooperation and the importance of the opening of the Turkish consulate, the return of direct flights between Benghazi and Istanbul, and the return of Turkish companies to work in the city, especially those that have previous contracts, according to the official page of the Benghazi municipality.

The two sides agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding between the municipality of Benghazi and one of the Turkish municipalities and to coordinate the visit of experts and specialists in the restoration of historical buildings from the Turkish side, to benefit from the Turkish expertise in the fields of infrastructure, construction and recycling of solid and liquid waste.

It is worth noting that this visit is the first of its kind since the closure of the Turkish consulate in Benghazi in June 2014 after the security turmoil in the country.

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