The United Nations calls on Libyan officials to adhere to the timetable agreed upon in the roadmap.

The Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Rosemary Di Carlo, warned of the fragility and sensitivity of the situation in Libya and its impact on the course of holding elections and the peaceful transfer of power.

Di Carlo said, during a session of the UN Security Council on Monday, that the country does not need another prolonged transitional period, pointing out that the increasing polarization between political actors and disagreements over the main aspects of the electoral process led to the postponement of the elections that were scheduled for December 24.

Di Carlo explained that the Libyan leaders have different views on the path in which the country can proceed until free, fair, inclusive and credible elections and a peaceful transfer of power.

Di Carlo called on all Libyan politicians to respect the will of the Libyan people and to continue focusing on holding the presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible and to adhere to the timetable agreed upon in the road map of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

Di Carlo indicated that Williams held talks with the authorities in Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, the Russian Federation, the African Union, the European Union and the League of Arab States, and all parties were called on to remain united on the need to support the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections at the appropriate time.

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