Turkish ambassador confirms their intention to open their consulate in Benghazi and return flights when time is right.

The Turkish ambassador to Libya, Kanaan Yilmaz, said after his meeting with Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh that his visit to the city of al-Qubba was at the invitation of Saleh, describing the meeting as fruitful and cordial.

“Yilmaz” added – according to statements to the Turkish Anadolu Agency – that the talks on the eastern region in the recent period showed a positive development, expressing their readiness, when appropriate conditions exist, to reopen their general consulate in Benghazi, and to evaluate the resumption of Turkish Airlines flights to Benghazi, and to encourage their companies to complete their unfinished projects and doing new projects.

Yilmaz stressed that the brotherly and friendly country of Libya, with which they have deep-rooted historical relations, is one, and does not differentiate between its regions, pointing to his plans to visit the city of Benghazi in the coming period.

The Turkish ambassador reiterated the importance of national reconciliation in this period in which the country is preparing for elections, and preparing the constitutional ground and roadmap for the elections through consultations between the relevant Libyan institutions.

It is worth noting that on January 11th, Deputy Government Hussain Al-Qatrani invited the Turkish ambassador to Libya, Kenan Yilmaz, to visit the eastern region.

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