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The Parliamentary Committee recommends that the Parliament re-forms the executive authority and develop a new road map.

The Parliamentary Committee to Follow up on the Elections recommended that the HoR reconstitute the executive authority; By setting a realistic roadmap for implementation, set in terms and stages, and not with dates within a constitutional framework, so as not to repeat the same previous steps.

In its report submitted to the Council, the committee called for the start of amending the draft constitution through a technical committee appointed by the House of Representatives with fair participation of the State Council, so that it rebuilds the draft constitution in a way that achieves the national interest, according to the report.

In a related context, the commission said in its report that the HNEC did not specify precisely what it means by force majeure that prevented it from holding the elections.

The committee indicated that the HNEC violated some articles of Law 1 regarding the conditions for accepting candidates for the presidential elections, indicating that the HNEC issued a political statement with distinction regarding setting the polling day, “in which it mentioned, for example, the legislative shortcoming, which we are surprised that it was not mentioned in the report submitted to the committee.”

Wagner’s owner: Those who gathered in Benghazi last week are the ones who control the Libyan political situation.

Al-Sayeh: We have proven cases of forgery in the documents of some of the candidates, but the judiciary did not recognize them.