Health: We will tighten procedures for those who did not receive vaccine, and the epidemiological situation is stable.

Health Minister Ali Al-Zanati said that the rate of receiving two doses of the vaccine is weak, not exceeding half a million, and this reluctance will force us to tighten procedures for people who did not receive the vaccine.

Al-Zanati added – in a joint press statement, accompanied by the head of the National Center for Disease Control, Haider al-Sayeh, that they will allow vaccine recipients to enter banks and public institutions, and they will tighten restrictions on travel inside and outside Libya.

The Minister of Health confirmed that the total number of vaccines available inside the country exceeds 7 million, pointing out that the epidemiological situation is witnessing stability this week, although there is a slowdown in the spread in the east, improvement in the west, and its stability in the south.

The minister concluded that the number of active cases is minimal, as a result of the intensification of vaccination campaigns, which paid off after weeks.

Bashagha: I salute the policemen for securing the participants in the Libya Stability Conference.

Shoukry: We look forward to completing the elections in Libya on time and without exclusion.