Aqila: Dbaiba must accept the decision to withdraw confidence with ease, and I have not announced my candidacy yet.

Parliament Speaker Agila Saleh said that he will not announce his candidacy for the presidency until the door for announcing candidacy is open.

In televised statements on Friday, Aqila called on Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbaiba to accept the decision to withdraw confidence from his government with satisfaction, “and to work in the interest of the country,” noting that if the government continued to conclude contracts, it would incur huge debts on the Libyan people.

Saleh explained that the reason for disrupting the budget is the confusion of the government, which amends it every week, and it is large and does not commensurate with its short duration, adding that the House of Representatives will hand over power as soon as the new parliament is elected.

It is worth noting that Aqila Saleh, in a previous statement, denounced what “Dbaiba” did in Martyrs Square inciting citizens against Parliament, stressing that 89 deputies agreed to withdraw confidence out of 110 who attended the session.

Di Maio: The international community is fully aware that the Libyans want to hold elections.

Qombij: The national team will enter a camp in Turkey for a week, and “Bin Ali” is not available.