After the fighting between Haftar’s militias and “FACT”… Where is the presidential council and government from what happened?

Despite the different accounts and the ambiguity of the scene about the clashes between the Chadian opposition forces FACT and Haftar’s Tariq bin Ziyad militia in the far south of Libya, the obvious thing is the absence of the role of the Presidential Council and its government and their watching of events as if it did not concern them.

Haftar claims victory

On the one hand, the Military Information Division of Haftar stated that the task force of Tariq bin Ziyad brigade is carrying out ground military operations to comb the sites of “terrorist groups and the Chadian opposition” and to pursue “terrorist cells” fleeing from them after the warplanes carried out air strikes targeting their sites.

“FACT” denies

On the other hand, the Accord Front for Change in Chad, “FACT” said that it thwarted the attack of Tariq bin Ziyad brigade, who was supported by Sudanese aides and under the supervision of the special forces of the French army, and killed 11 of them, injuring dozens others, and managed to seize military vehicles and war materials, as well as destroying an armored fighting vehicle.

natural result

In the same context, the military analyst, Adel Abdul Kafi, said in a statement to Arraed, that the clashes that took place are a natural result. Because the heavy weapons that FACT possesses have become a threat to the presence of Haftar Militias in the southern region, in addition to disputes between them over the money they obtain from drug trafficking, illegal immigration and smuggling; Where these militias are now receiving support from “Wagner” mercenaries

Abdul Kafi added that “FACT” was at one time cooperating with Haftar’s militias, as he financed and armed them, but after Haftar’s funding sources dried up after his defeat in Tripoli, he could not finance them and he lost control over them, these militias are responsible for the fighting that happened in Chad. Resulting in the murder of President Deby

Where is the presidential and government?

While the number of foreign mercenaries multiplies every day and their influence on Libyan soil increases; Many see this as a danger and threat to the Libyan national security, and they hold the Presidential Council and the government responsible and question their ability to handle such responsibility.

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