Heiko Maas: We are working to achieve the holding of elections and the withdrawal of all foreign fighters from Libya.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said Wednesday that holding elections on December 24 and the withdrawal of all foreign fighters are among the challenges that must be faced and overcome in Libya.

“We are working on this matter together and in close cooperation,” Maas said during his meeting with his Italian counterpart, “Luigi Di Maio,” and we want to positively accompany Libya on this path towards democracy and stability, according to the Italian news agency AKI.

It is worth noting that sources from the German Foreign Ministry revealed to the Italian news agency “Nova” that a conference of foreign ministers on Libya will be held in Berlin in the second half of next June.

Disease control Center: vaccination with the Chinese vaccine will start next week in all municipalities.

Chairman of the American Libyan Coalition: The Biden administration does not object to the continuation of Haftar’s trial in American courts.