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Amidst internal crises, the government conducts successive foreign visits, What is the purpose?

From the first day of its commencement of work, the National Unity Government promised to turn to the inside and solve the problems that plagued the citizen, perhaps the most important of which is the payment of late salaries and cash, especially after Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbaiba’s promised to pay them before Ramadan, but this did not happen.

The government started the scenario of looking abroad and conducting visits to some countries; In order to consolidate relations, this is what frightens the citizen by repeating the scenarios of successive governments, which is concern abroad and neglect the inside.

Priority for overseas

As the government went on a series of foreign visits from Kuwait to the UAE and, finally, Turkey; To discuss relations between them and Libya and discuss previous contracts and agreements, and sign new ones.

Visits to Kuwait, the UAE, began in 48 hours, and the government has not yet informed the people of what happened in the visit or revealed its reasons, unlike what it did in Turkey, which published the reasons for the visit, namely contracting for media, energy and other projects.

An unfulfilled promise

The government had announced in early April that it would seek to pay citizens ’salaries, starting from this month, without interruption. It also confirmed the disbursement of the wife and children’s grant for a period of three months, and this did not happen.

The Ministry of Finance announced that it had transferred the salaries of the months of March and April to the Central Bank; To arrive before Ramadan, but the salaries remained in the central bank and have not been paid until now.

Turkey receives the government

In light of the suffering of the citizen during the holy month, Dbaiba, accompanied by 14 ministers from the government and other officials, visited Turkey, to hold memoranda of understanding in the fields of information, energy and trade.

Erdogan calls on the international community to support the elections in Libya.

The UN mission and the African Union agree to help the Libyans to hold elections next December.