Al-Kisher: 10 new bodies were found in Alrabit project, and the health situation is very poor.

The head of the management Council of the Municipality of Tarhuna, Mohammed Al-Kisher, said in a statement to Arraed Saturday that the last of the mass graves that were opened is in Alrabit project, Line No. 11 ″ from which 10 bodies were exhumed and taken to the Tripoli Medical Center.

Al-Kisher added 129 bodies were extracted from one of the sites, including one buried in the desert after he was killed, and the other was removed from a water well. 39 bodies were identified, including 7 women, three of them from the Harouda family.

Al-Kisher stated that the head of the Criminal Investigation Department assured them of the arrival of experimental materials related to the DNA and work is in full swing to bring the necessary quantities to start identifying the rest of the bodies.

Al-Kisher disclosed that the health situation in the city is very bad, as the municipality lacks medical staff, necessary materials and equipment, and Tarhuna Teaching Hospital is operating at 10% of its full capacity, noting that the municipality does not have an isolation center for Corona cases despite the municipality’s request of the advisory committee and the Ministry of Health to do so. Indicating that there is one analysis laboratory for samples withdrawing of the Corona virus, which has been closed for about a month For not paying financial dues to employees.

Al-Kisher revealed that the Al-Kani militia stole more than 116 vehicles including fire engines and other vehicles from the public services, and water and sanitation companies, before they fled to the eastern region, noting that the municipality suffers from accumulation of rubbish and the shortage of drinking water.

Al Kisher emphasized that the security situation in the municipality is good and there is a kind of stability despite the lack of resources in the Security Directorate in Tarhuna.

It is worth noting that the Chairman of the management Council, Tarhuna Mohammed Al-Kisher, said in a statement to Arraed in early January that there were reports of 19 mass graves in the city of Tarhuna.

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