Pashagha Issues New Assignments to Manage Security Directorates and Ports

Minister of the Interior Fathi Pashagha issued a number of decisions and assignments to the directors of departments and directorates of security and ports in the ministry.

Pashagha assigned Salem Gremida as the Director of Tripoli’s Security Directorate and the Brigadier Tahir Al Mahmoudi as the Director General of Ports’ Security.

Pashagha also entrusted the duties of managing the Tripoli International Port to the Brigadier General Izzedine Zarrouq and the security department of the port of Mitiga airport to Colonel Khairi El Arabi.

He decided to appoint Brigadier General Ahmed Karkoub as the Director of the Department of Relations and Cooperation and Brigadier General Osama Ouedan as Director of Traffic and Licensing.

The Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha issued a new decree on the establishment of a human rights office in the ministry.

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