NOC demands immediate opening of oil ports

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman, Mustafa Sanalla warned on Monday of the inability of the state to provide fuel in the event of the continued stop of oil exports.

Sanalla said in a press statement, the oil production is currently 527 thousand barrels per day only after reaching one million and 100 thousand barrels before the crisis of the closure of oil ports, adding that the country’s income during the first half of this year was more than 11 billion dollars.

The NOC chairman called for the immediate open of oil ports without restrictions or conditions, explaining that the daily losses of the closure is $ 67 million, stressing the need to remove oil facilities from the conflict.

The economic situation of the country is very difficult and is not up to any further tampering with the country’s savings eroding, said Sanalla, calling for stopping disinformation and educating the people about the scale of the problem and pointing out that the state economy and salaries of workers come only from oil.

Sanalla also expressed his surprise by the statements made by MP Fathi Al-Mujbri about the marginalization of the eastern region, pointing out that Al-Mujbri is the head of the financial arrangements committee, which is responsible for every penny spent in Libya. If there is marginalization, he is responsible for it, said the NOC chairman.

The National Oil Corporation announced the imposition of force majeure on the oil ports after Haftar Forces’s decision to hand them over to the parallel institution in Benghazi.

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