Two technicians killed in an attack on water plant near Tazirbu

Libya Man-made River Project spokesperson, Tawfiq Al-Shuhaidi said on Saturday that a group he described as “terrorist” stormed the water well field at the Tazirbu site on Saturday morning, killing two workers and kidnapped two guards before fleeing the scene.

Al-Shuhaidi told ArraedLG, the gunmen kidnapped two members of the river protection battalion, Boajila Bo Khadija and Naji Al-Abirsh and looted and stole all the cars and supplies on the site, adding that the department issued immediate instructions to deport the families and employees from the site for their safety.

The Project’s spokesperson also said that the administration notified the security and military authorities in the country to take the necessary measures, and appealed to the municipal council in Tazirbu to provide possible assistance in the matter.

Al-Shuhaidi pointed out that the testimonies of the survivors of the attack confirm that the “terrorists” were wandering in the desert before they reached the field headquarters, and that they spoke in different Maghreb dialects, expecting them to be remnants of ISIS.

This is the second attack after the River Authority issued a statement announcing the kidnapping of four foreign engineers, three of whom are from the Philippines and one from South Korea after an armed group stormed Al-Hasawna site on Friday.

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