HOR member says Misurata and Tawergha Agreement embodies the will of reconciliation

The House of Representatives member, Fathi Bashagha said on Monday the reconciliation agreement between Misurata and Tawergha embodies the Libyans’ will to reconcile and renounce the culture of vengeance and revenge.

Bashagha said on his Facebook page, this agreement proves everyone’s conviction that war and hatred do not build a homeland and do not believe a future for future generations.

He explained that the force lies in waiver, forgiveness and amnesty, for a better future for all Libyans, stressing that the agreement was a lesson for all, and that peace is stronger than weapons and revenge.

The cities of Tawergha and Misurata signed on Sunday a charter of peaceful coexistence between the two cities that allows the people of Tawergha to return to their city after seven years of displacement.

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