France provides two aircraft for Haftar Forces to help seize Derna

France has granted Operation Dignity commander, Khalifa Haftar two planes that could turn the scales in the battle to control the city of Derna.

According to Russian news agency Sputnik, French website “Africa Intelligence” said the aircrafts provided by France, the first of which will help Haftar in polls and works for the French Foreign Intelligence Service, and the other will help in ground attacks, reached Al-Khadim military air base operated by the UAE Special Forces in Libya.

Sputnik said that the plane carried out a number of reconnaissance flights over Derna, most notably on May 16, adding that the plane also carried out several patrols in Fezzan area.

France previously provided military assistance to the commander of the Operation Dignity Forces, Khalifa Haftar, to help him control Benghazi and the oil Crescent.

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