Derna local council: 12 people killed, including children

The head of the Derna local council, Awad Al-Airaj called on the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Faiz Al-Sarraj to issue an order to stop the fighting in Derna, to provide safe passageways, because of the “humanitarian crimes committed” against the city.

Al-Airaj said in a statement to ArraedLG, the death toll of the attack on Derna reached 12 people, including four children, and a number of wounded.

Al-Haraish hospital is “empty” of staff with limited number of doctors and lack oxygen cylinders, according to Al-Airaj.

He pointed out that Haftar Forces “control the entrances of the city, indiscriminately bombard it, prevents the entry of goods and food and demands the exit of residents forcing them to sign not to return to the city until the end of operations”

Haftar Forces launched an armed attack on the city of Derna since mid-May, leaving a number of dead, and wounded among civilians, including children.

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