Audit Bureau says social accountability needed in the absence of legislative authority

The head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak stressed the necessity of having what he described as the “urgent and lost link”, social accountability of state bodies, including the Bureau, in the absence of accountability of the legislative authority.

Shakshak said, at a press conference on Wednesday announcing the annual report of the Office, all efforts in accounting, detection and follow-up of the sectors of the state remain jurisprudence in the absence of a legislative authority able to issue deterrent decisions.

The head of the Bureau said, it had suspended an agreement between a sector and a foreign company at a cost of 80 million euros, and attributed the various forged instruments that increase the waste of public funds.

Shakshak explained that the Audit Bureau has committed the Price Balancing Fund not to pay the debts owed to some companies that have debts to the Libyan state, indicating that the Bureau has reviewed and issued resolutions to reduce the phenomenon of threatening the state and exhausting the judiciary system.

A number of traders say, the Price Balancing Fund owes them more than 3 million dinars.

The Audit Bureau issued its annual report on Wednesday, which revealed the financial excesses in a number of sectors of the state.

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