Fighting in Sabha has not stopped and situation is “tragic”, says mayor

The mayor of Sabha, Hamid Al-Khayali said on Monday, the situation in the city is “tragic”, pointing out that the fighting did not stop as it was reported.

Al-Khayali said in a statement to ArraedLG, the city’s residents are suffering because of high prices and low liquidity, pointing out that school is threatened to stop at any moment, indicating that the fuel warehouses still contain some quantities despite the lack of any supplies for several days.

Al-Khayali explained that the members of the Sixth Brigade withdrew after being “let down” by all the parties inside the country, pointing out preparations for security arrangements to be announced in the near future.

Since Friday night, Sabha has witnessed armed clashes, described as “violent” since its start last February, which led to the withdrawal of the sixth brigade from the fortress of Sabha.

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