Tawergha and Misurata Committees agree on Social Charter

The head of the commission charged from Misurata to meet Tawergha officials, Fathi Bushala, said on Sunday the meeting of the reconciliation committee Misurata and Tawergha concluded on a social charter to end the social divide between the two cities.

Bushala told ArraedLG, the charter was prepared by the Misurata Municipal Council and Tawergha Local Council and will be referred to the General Committee for consideration and signature if adopted.

“The date of the return of the Tawergha’s displaced residents is determined by the Government of National Accord (GNA), the Misurata Municipal Council and Tawergha Local Council, and not the committee’s jurisdiction,” Bushala added.

The people of Tawergha reside in ​​Qarara Al-Qatef area, south of Bani Walid since last February after efforts of their return to their homes were blocked.

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