Integrated dialysis unit arrives to Ghat ​​soon

The mayor of Ghat, Qumani Saleh said on Sunday, the Ministry of Health promised to provide an integrated dialysis unit for the hospital in Ghat in the coming days.

Saleh said in a statement ArraedLG, kidney patients in Ghat suffer the hardships of traveling up to seven hours to reach the municipality of Ubari, which is about Ghat about 450 kilometers, to get treatment, indicating that a dialysis unit is at Mitiga Airport waiting for delivery to Ghat hospital.

The mayor added that fuel has not reached Ghat for more than 9 months, pointing to the lack of liquidity for more than 4 months, and high prices, which reached the limit of all the daily needs.

Ghat’s kidney patients, who are more than 15, are struggling to travel to Ubari to complete the scheduled treatment, after the failure of the unit of dialysis at the central hospital in the city.

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