Zawiya and Zintan agree on unifying security and military institutions

The reconciliation committees between Zintan and Zawiya agreed on Tuesday, on fighting terrorism, working to unify the security and military institutions, in addition to the return of displaced people to their homes.

The mayor of Zintan Mustafa Al-Baroni said in a statement to ArraedLG, the visit of the Zawyia reconciliation delegation to Zintan comes within the framework of improving relations between the two cities, and reform of the social fabric torn by armed conflicts.

Al-Baroni added that another meeting will be held in the city of Zawyia in the coming weeks to complete the meeting that took place today. The mayor pointed out that the reconciliation project helps in building the state and contributes to its security and economic stability.

The city of Zintan witnessed on 28 March a reconciliation meeting between the cities of Zintan and Misurata, which resulted in agreement to build the military and security institutions under civil authority.

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