More than 62,000 students apply for secondary school exams

The Government of National Accord (GNA) Ministry of Education announced, the number of students applying for the secondary certificate exams this year has reached 62 thousand and 326 students, while the preparatory certificate reached 85 thousand and 628 students.

The ministry’s Undersecretary, Adel Juma said in a press conference on Tuesday, the secondary certificate exams will be held in the halls of colleges in universities all across Libya in coordination with the heads of universities and related authorities in a step aimed at eliminating the phenomenon cheating.

Juma said, the ministry will issue electronic cards to each student to avoid impersonation, and to publish lists of students examined in front of the halls so that each student can access the hall, indicating that the displaced students of Tawergha will take the exams in the halls of the Faculty of Education in the city of Bani Walid.

The first stage of end-of-year high school exams will be from July 8 to July 19, 2018.

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