Fezzan asks political representatives to suspend membership in HOR, PC & HCS

The High Council of Fezzan Tribes and Cities called on Sunday on all the elected members of the House of Representatives (HOR), the High Council of State (HCS) and the Presidential Council (PC) to suspend their membership and return to Fezzan immediately until the best resolution to the armed conflict in Sabha is reached.

The Council stressed in a statement obtained by ArraedLG, the need for an immediate cease-fire between the conflict parties, the opening of internal and external roads in the city, and relieving state facilities of any kind of conflict.

The Council stressed the need to dissolve all armed formations and rebuild the army on a proficient basis, calling for the formation of working committees in liaison with the military establishment and all officials in the state.

The High Council of Fezzan Tribes and Cities said it is the legitimate representative of its social components, calling on governments and international organizations to take this into account.

Sabha has been witnessing armed conflict for months, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of civilians, including children and women.

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