Algeria: Reconciliation between Misurata and Zintan a step in the right direction

Algeria praised the reconciliation agreement between MisUrata and Zintan, considering it a step in the right direction to achieve reconciliation between all Libyans.

Algerian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Abdelaziz Ben Ali Al-Sharif said on Saturday, according to APS, Algeria hopes this initiative will lead to a reconciliation that includes all Libyan territory, based on the supreme interest of the Libyan people, away from any foreign interference and paving the way for a final solution to the crisis.

Al-Sharif explained that this agreement highlights the adherence of the Libyan people to the political solution, stressing Algeria’s support for reconciliation and the unification of Libyan institutions, especially the Libyan army under a civilian authority capable of maintaining the security and territorial integrity of Libya.

Two delegations from the cities of Misurata and Zintan, agreed on Wednesday, on a comprehensive reconciliation, the civility of the state and the unification of the military institution under a civilian authority.

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