National team coach for physical strength assaulted in Benghazi

The Libyan Observatory for Human Rights condemned on Wednesday, the attack on the Libyan national team coach for physical strength, Tarek Makhlouf by the Criminal Investigation Agency in the city of Benghazi, describing it as a “legal and moral offense”.

The founder of the Observatory and the head of Dahaya human rights group, Naser Al-Howari accused, in a statement, a group from the Criminal Investigation Agency Benghazi led by Menem Al-Mahshahsh of assault on the coach, referring to the corruption of the security system in Benghazi, led by Salah Howeidi.

Al-Howari considered the silence of the official authorities in Benghazi toward the attack a proof of the control of what he called “gangs and criminals on the security system in the city,” calling on the Attorney General to summon the perpetrators of the attack and bring them to justice.

The Libyan team for physical strength, led by Makhlouf, won the first international gold medal in the history of Libya’s physical strength, in June 2016 at the World Championship for physical strength in Texas.

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