Al-Ittihad clinches a difficult victory over Al-Ittihad Misurata

Al-Ittihad scored a tough 2-0 victory over hosts Al-Ittihad Misurata in the match held at Misurata Stadium in the ninth round of the Libyan Premier League.

Al-Ittihad opened the score in the first half through striker, Abdul Salam Al-Fitouri, before Ayman Omair hit back for the home team with an equalizer at the beginning of the second half.

At the last breath of the game, Al-Ittihad defender, Tarek Al-Jamal scored the winning goal.

With the win, Al-Ittihad continues to lead Group C with 24 points from eight games, while Al-Ittihad Misurata stands still with 8 points from nine games.

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