Subl Al-Salam battalion frees 8 drivers kidnapped near Chad

Subl Al-Salam battalion spokesperson, Ahmed Sultan said on Friday the battalion is negotiating Chadian gangs for the release of five Libyan drivers after freeing eight others kidnapped by the Chadian opposition.

Sultan denied, in a statement to ArraredLG, what Sudanese media reported about the kidnapping of 13 Sudanese drivers near Kufra, explaining that the 13 drivers are Libyans, and there is no Sudanese among them.

Sultan added that the battalion had surprised the Chadian gangs in Saif Al-Shajar area and freed eight drivers from the 13 who were kidnapped, asserting they are seeking to release the rest.

The drivers disappeared earlier this month near the Libyan-Chadian border area of Saif Al-Barli, 300km from Kufra.

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