Bushala: Our demands to implement the Tawergha return agreement will not be impossible

The head of the commission charged from Misurata to meet Tawergha officials, Fathi Bushala announced on Thursday, the formation of a committee to implement the requirements of the commission for the return of the displaced residents of Tawergha.

In a statement to ArraedLG, Bushala said that the committee, which will begin its work on Saturday, will meet with Tawergha members concerned with the implementation of the terms of the return agreement within a week of taking over its duties, stressing that the conditions set by them to return the displaced will not be impotent.

Bushala added that the motto of Misurata people towards the implementation of the agreement and return is real reconciliation and utmost respect between the people of Misurata and Tawergha, stressing that this motto should be a truth believed by both parties.

Among the demands of the commission is the signing of a charter between the two cities as stipulated by customs.

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