Human Rights Solidarity: 744 assassination and kidnappings in 2017

Human Rights Solidarity has documented 744 “crimes of kidnapping and assassination,” most of which were of civilian victims, in a number of Libyan cities and areas over the past year.

In a report, the organization said that the rate of civilians affected by violence was 78% of the total victims, 59% of kidnappings, and the rate of assassinations amounted to 38%, while victims of random shooting reached 4%.

Solidarity showed that 58% of kidnappings and assassinations took place in the Eastern region, 27% in the west and 15% in the south.

The human rights organization confirmed that the “crimes of kidnapping and assassination” were recorded in 45 Libyan cities, where Benghazi topped the list of cities where most “crimes” occurred, followed by the cities of Ajdabiya, Sabha, Werchfana and the town of Suluq.

The United Nations and human rights organizations have documented a number of kidnappings, assassinations and displacement in Libya during 2017, as a result of the deteriorating security situation.

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