GNA foreign minister calls on neighboring countries of the south to help secure the border

The Government of National Accord (GNA) foreign minister, Mohamed Al-Sayala called on neighboring African countries to work with GNA to protect the country’s southern border in order to curb the illegal immigration phenomenon.

In a speech at the Sahel countries and Migration conference held in Niamey, Niger, Al-Sayala said that controlling the border would make it possible to achieve great successes in managing the migration crisis and its severe consequences.

The GNA foreign minister said he is not opposed to migration but is against the utilization of organized crime groups of migrant’s conditions to achieve material profit.

In his speech, Al-Sayala said that addressing the repercussions of the crisis of illegal migration, human trafficking and smuggling is not limited to this security viewpoint alone, but must be through a comprehensive vision of security, humanitarian and development, noting his conviction that the achievement of security stability can only be achieved through the support of European countries.

The foreign minister of the GNA arrived in the Nigerien capital Niamey on Friday, to participate in the Sahel countries and Migration conference.

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