Murzuk Hospital suffers with modest possibilities

Murzuk General Hospital director, Mohamed Wamer said on Monday the hospital is suffering from a “severe” shortage of medical capabilities and staff.

Wamer explained to ArraedLG, the hospital continuously receives citizens whose injuries vary between minor and dangerous, pointing out that some of them lose their lives because of the lack of capabilities, doctors and specialists, and the lack of a safe passage; to transfer them to the Sabha Medical Center.

Murzuk hospital director said that since the beginning of March, the hospital had received six dead casualties, including two children and one woman, in addition to 24 injured persons.

Wamer added, among the arrivals to the hospital on Sunday, was the director of Qatarun hospital, who lost his wife and daughter after a mortar shell hit his car.

The Murzuk hospital receives the injured from the Tabu tribe and some Sabha residents who cannot reach Sabha Medical Center, which is 130 kilometers from the city.

Sabha witnessed armed clashes between the tribes of Awlad Sulaiman and Tabu, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of civilians.

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