HOR media adviser: “There is no higher council of the state, the draft constitution is rejected”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HOR) media advisor, Fathi Al-Marimi said on Sunday, the referendum law referred by the High Council of the State to the HOR is “just a proposal by Libyan citizens,” who have no legislative authority.

Al-Marimi told ArraedLG, the referendum law will not offer anything productive, because the people of  Cyrenaica and part of the West and the South “reject the constitution draft,” which he described as “flawed,” adding that the referendum law is “ready” and will be presented to HOR members in the coming days.

The Speaker of HOR media adviser said the proposal submitted will be accepted as a proposal put in place by citizens.

The High Council of State passed a referendum law then transferred it, early March this year, to the House of Representatives.

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