Kidnapped Pakistani oil engineer in southern Libya released

A Libyan security official said the kidnappers of the Pakistani engineer working in an oil field in southern Libya have released him.

According to Chinese news agency, Brig. Abdul-Qadir Al-Bakush said “The Pakistani engineer Shahid Abdul-Salam, who was kidnapped last week in Ubari city, was released by the kidnappers after they told him he was a suspect and not meant to be kidnapped,” adding that he contacted the engineer and had informed him he was in good health.

Al-Bakush added that the Pakistani engineer “Shahid Abdul Salam” will remain in the city, and will continue to work in the oil field.

The security official warned people coming from outside Ubari, from moving into the city without informing the security authorities; to avoid similar incidents.

The Pakistani engineer was kidnapped near the El Feel oil field, west of Ubari, located 1100 km south of Tripoli.

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