Brega announces resumption of fuel pumping from Al-Zawia depot to Tripoli

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BMC) announced the resumption of fuel pumping from Al-Zawiya depot to Tripoli oil depot after completion of maintenance of the 16-inch pipeline connecting the two reservoirs.

The BMC media office, Ahmad Al-Msellati told ArraedLG on Wednesday, the company resumed pumping fuel after the necessary tests to ensure that leaks did not ensue, pointing out that the engineers and technicians of the company controlled the fire and immediately closed the line and surrounded the fire site to stop it from spreading.

Al-Msellati explained that the pipe is in placed in a deep and safe specifications, pointing out to the farmer, who “committed a violation” by removing the signs on the fuel pipe.

The 16-inch fuel pipeline in Jodaim district of Al-Zawiya was damaged and caught fire.

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