UN calls for immediate return of Tawergha displaced residents

The United Nations humanitarian agencies expressed in a statement on Tuesday, concern about the situation of the people of Tawergha who are unable to return to their homes.

The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Libya, Maria Ribeiro said hundreds of people wishing to exercise their legitimate right to return were still stranded in the open in difficult climatic conditions without basic services for more than three weeks.

Ribeiro added that the return of Tawergha’s displaced residents in safe conditions should not be delayed any longer, stressing the need to spare the families the political conflict taking place in the country.

The head of the commission charged from Misurata to meet Tawergha officials, Fathi Bushala told ArraedLG, Misurata does not mind the return of the people of Tawergha to their city, on the condition of achieving reconciliation between the two cities first.

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