Brega: fire from fuel pipe between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya controlled

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BMC) confirmed that a liquid fuel pipeline between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya has caught fire.

Brega said in a statement on Monday, the fuel is available in large quantities in its warehouses and the supply of plants is going normally.

BMC pointed out that one of the farmers settled in the area of ​​Jodaim in Al-Zawiya city is responsible for the damage of the 16-inch pipeline connected between Al-Zawiya oil depot and the Tripoli oil depot.

The head of the fuel and gas crisis committee, Milad Al-Hajrsi said maintenance teams will repair on Tuesday the damage caused to the fuel pipe.

Al-Hajrizi confirmed to ArraedLG on Monday, there is enough fuel in the warehouse, adding that the carrier -Rizibun is anchored in the port of Tripoli with 34 million liters of fuel.

The Fire and Safety Department of Brega and the Safety and Security Authority in Al-Zawiya, in cooperation with the Akakus Oil Operation Company and Al-Zawiya Oil Refining Company, controlled the fire and surrounded the site of the fire.

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