Reporters without Borders: Press in Libya faces an “unprecedented” crisis

Reporters without Borders said freedom of the press is witnessing an “unprecedented crisis” in Libya, expressing fears of journalists leaving the country seven years after the revolution.

In a statement on its official Website, the organization condemned what it described as “total impunity” for the perpetrators exercising violations against journalists, noting that this climate is pushing for a journalist free country

The security situation in the country and the result of the political crisis “suffocating” the country is taking a toll on press freedom, according to the organization.

Reporters without Borders clarified the reason behinf Libya losing journalists, because they “prefer to go into exile than to continue working from within,” or choose to stop practicing the profession all together, which is becoming dangerous, according to the statement.

Reporters without Borders is an independent organization founded in 1985 and headquartered in Paris. It has international offices spread over a number of capitals with correspondents deployed in at least 130 countries.

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