Al-Mismari: We will not handover Al-Warfali to ICC

Haftar forces spokesperson, Ahmed al-Massmari said his command will not hand over the commander of the Special Forces, Mahmoud Al-Warfali to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In a televised interview on Thursday, Al-Massmari said the military police of Hafar’s forces had released Al-Warfali “on bail”, adding that his extradition to the ICC is “out of the question,” adding that the Libyan military law is a “firm law,” as he put it.

The official spokesperson for the forces of Haftar explained saying they will not hesitate enforcing the law on those who break it.

The commander of the Special Forces of the forces of Haftar, Mahmoud Al-Warfali, announced that he handed himself over to the military police in the eastern city of Al-Marj, after calls from the ICC demanding his arrest.

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