Health Minister: 30 million LYD allocated to public hospitals in 2017

The Government of National Accord (GNA) Health Minister, Omar Bashir, said the Presidential Council (PC) allocated a budget for crises and emergencies worth 30 million dinars to the major public hospitals in the country, in 2017.

Bashir said in an interview with the newspaper Maghreb Voices, on Saturday that 11 million were assigned for maintenance of devices in hospitals, and 5 million for medical convoys to remote areas that are almost devoid of medical staff.

In addition, major medical centers in Tripoli, Benghazi and Sabha were provided with new equipment for, each according to the size and services they offer.

Bashir pointed out that foreign medical personnel left state hospitals, and started work in private clinics due to low wages, difficulty of transfer of funds, and the current low of liquidity. The minister expressed his hope of their return after addressing the problem of remittances.

Bashir also confirmed that the Ministry of Health has formed a committee with Tawergha local council; to determine priorities and how health services can be established in the city. He reassured the people of Tawergha that health services would be ready once they return home.

Public hospitals suffer from lack of medicines, and the lack of medical staff and supplies, which increased the suffering of patients.

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