Al-Osta: Shelling of Derna caused panic, and no human casualties recorded

The official of the security file in Derna, Yahya Al-Osta Omar, said on Monday, the situation in the city today is stable after random bombardment witnessed in the city, on Sunday, “without any human casualties.”

Omar told ArraedLG, the indiscriminate shelling that targeted Al-Hojaj area in the western entrance near inhabited households, causing confusion and panic for citizens.

He pointed out that the Omar Al-Mukhtar operation room, which bombed the city, justified its bombing of the area; claiming that it was a “terrorist site”, adding that the Security Directorate coordinates with the Company supervising the city, noting that school is still ongoing and banks are operating normally.

The Omar Al-Mukhtar operation room of Haftar forces process called, on its Facebook page, the people of Derna to move away from sites targeted by shelling.

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