The Netherlands promises to support shelters maintenance

The media advisor to the illegal immigration agency, Milad Al-Sadi said the Dutch Foreign Minister envoy, Francesco Masini, confirmed during his meeting with the head of the agency, General Mohammed Beshr, on Monday the support of the shelters in terms of maintenance.

The meeting took place at the agency’s branch in Tajoura, where Masini said the visit is the third by the Netherlands envoy since last September.

Al-Sadi told ArraedLG, on Tuesday that General Beshr discussed with Masini the difficulties facing Libya as a transit country for migrants, adding that the Dutch envoy praised the officers at Tajoura shelter.

The head of the agency and the Dutch envoy agreed to coordinate directly with the European Union (EU); to overcome the phenomenon of illegal migration, according to Al-Sadi.

A United Nations human rights delegation visited on Monday, migrant shelters in Tripoli.

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