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GECOL condemns assault on director of western projects

An armed group attacked the director of the western projects of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL), Ali Al-Bahlul  in Al-Zawia.

The head of the GECOL media office, Mohamed Al-Takouri told ArraedLG on Sunday, Al-Bahlul was attacked and was injured in the foot, and was transferred to the hospital, adding that the perpetrators sized company car Al-Bahlul was driving.

Al-Takouri said Al-Bahlul’s received treatment and is in a stable condition, appealing to the responsible authorities, to protect the facilities of the company and its employees.

Al-Takouri added that the company and its employees are subjected to daily attacks and theft of state property in their possession.

The GECOL power plants are attacked from time to time throughout the country, because of the deteriorating security situation.

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