Nasia: dispute between MPs is hindering adoption of referendum law

House of Representative (HOR) member, AbdulSalam Nasia attributed reasons behind the delay of the HOR in adopting a referendum law draft to “the need for the house to debate and consensus on the law.”

Nasia told ArraedLG that the constitutional declaration makes the issuance of the referendum law a “duty”, but “the differences in views between the MPs is hindering it”.

Nasia, Speaker of the HOR Dialogue Committee, said that some MPs are waiting for the ruling of the Supreme Court on the constitution, while others believe that the issuance of the referendum law “must be achieved regardless of the issues raised on the draft constitution”.

The Supreme Court was scheduled to rule on January 21, the validity of referring the draft constitution to the House of Representatives, but reserved the case for judgment at a hearing on February 7th.

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