Health ministry: 3 dead from alcoholic poisoning in Tripoli

The health ministry said on Saturday, the outcome of “alcohol poisoning”  cases that reached Tripoli Medical Center during the past three days were 11 cases,  3 of which were fatal.

The head of the ministry’s media office, Omar Matoug told ArraedLG that 3 cases of the poisoning, one of which in a critical condition, reached the Tripoli Medical Center, and 5 cases, 2 of which were fatal, with 3 cases of blinding were admitted to the center on Friday, while the 3 cases of poisoning, 2 of which were fatal were admitted on Saturday.

Matoug added that the affected were all Libyans, except the one, who is Sudanese, clarifying that hospitals in the Tripoli did not record any cases of alcoholic poisoning, except for the center.

Tripoli witnessed cases of alcohol poisoning in 2013.

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