Agreement between Garabulli and Tarhuna to withdraw the latter’s military force

The mayor of Garabulli municipality, Hussein Ghanima confirmed on Monday the agreement to withdraw the military force of Tarhuna, stationed on the road connecting the two cities, to the administrative border of Tarhuna.

Ghanima told ArraedLG that the central security of Garabulli took over control of the military police security gate on the coastal road, noting that traffic movement is going “naturally” across the road.

Ghanima said that the agreement was attended by the elderlies of Garabulli and its municipal council, the elderlies of Tarhuna and its municipal council, the elderlies of Garabulli and its municipal council, the elderlies of Libya, the Central Committee of the Displaced and the Supreme Council for Reconciliation in Tripoli.

The mayor of Garabulli added that a meeting scheduled for the next two days will bring together the two parties to resolve some outstanding issues between the two cities crowned by the signing of a formal agreement not to infringe any party on another and subordination of the military gate to the Garabulli municipality.

On Sunday, Garabulli municipality announced the entry of a military force from Tarhuna to the military gate on the coastal road within the administrative boundaries of the municipality.

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