Outpatient clinic complex opens in Derna

The local Derna Council opened the outpatient clinic at Al-Wahda hospital after completing maintenance work.

The head of the local council, Awad Al-Airaj, told ArraedLG, on Tuesday, that the Council completed the maintenance work voluntarily, after the building was damaged by an unknown aerial bombardment targeting the city.

He added that doctors and specialists from Derna run the compound, pointing out that the maintenance work at Al-Wahda hospital has been stalled for 10 years because of the shortages in the city as a result of the siege imposed on it.

He explained that the council is seeking to lift the siege imposed on the city, wishing that 2018 be a good start for the city and the country in general, as he put it.

15 civilians were killed in Derna last October as a result of aerial bombardment of unidentified aircrafts.

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