142 migrants deported through Misurata international airport

The illegal immigration agency announced the deportation of 142 illegal immigrants from Guinea Conakry.

The media adviser to the illegal immigration agency, Milad Al-Saadi told ArraedLG that the migrants were transferred from Zuwara airport to Misurata international airport and from there they were deported to their country.

Al-Saadi also said that the agency has deported about 3,200 illegal migrants of Nigerien nationality in cooperation with their embassy and in coordination with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Al-Saadi pointed out that the agency has completed all travel documents extraction procedures for about 254 illegal immigrants of Moroccan nationality, at the headquarters of the agency in Tariq Al-Sika in Tripoli, to facilitate their voluntary return to their country.

Al-Saadi previously told ArraedLG that some 30,000 illegal immigrants entered the shelter centers of the illegal immigration agency inside Libya in 2017.

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