Member of HOR Fathi Bashagha: if there is no guarantee of the political agreement then there is no legitimacy to the HOR

On Thursday, a member of the HOR Fathi Bashagha, said that the protection of the political agreement is what gives legitimacy to the existence of the HOR, and without it, there can be no legal recognition locally or internationally.

On his twitter account, Bashagha added that the adherence to the terms of the political agreement makes the HOR the sole legislative and supervisory authority over the sovereign and executive institutions of the state, stressing that the parliament is capable of unifying institutions that are divided by using its legal authority when it is committed to implementing all the terms of the agreement.

He attributed the obstruction and disruption of the HOR to the political agreement, to what he called “blackmail and division” of some of the institutions of the state under his authority, noting that it did so “to ensure the continuation of their positions,” as he put it.

On Tuesday, the UN mission said in response to the choice of the HOR member Mohammed al-Shukri, as governor of the Central Bank of Libya, that it was contrary to Article 15 of the Libyan political agreement.

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