The House of Representatives elect Mohammed Al-Shukri as governor of the Central Bank and decision is met with resistance

In a meeting on Tuesday the House of Representatives announced the appointment of Mohammed Al-Shukri as the new governor of the Central Bank of Tripoli. Al-Shukri received 54 votes in a session with quorum.

Mansour Al-Hasadi, a member of the Supreme Council of the State, told Arraed LG that the House of Representatives electing the governor of the Central Bank of Libya is contrary to the political agreement, which stipulates that the selection of positions of must be done in consultation with the Supreme Council of the State.

Al-Hasadi said that the choice of the governor is in violation of the law and will increase the political and economic division and fragmentation of Libya; adding that he is not questioning the character of Al-Shukri.

Al-Hasadi expressed his surprise by the House of Representatives contradictions, explaining that they had already fired the former governor, Al-Sadiq Al-Kabir and that they have appointed Ali Al-Habri as an alternative to him, and thus, how can they now choose another alternative governor.

In turn, the Central Bank of Libya added that they also reject the House of Representatives decision to choose a new governor.

In a statement posted on their official facebook page, the Central Bank said according to the political agreement, consensus is the basis and sole reference point; yet, the HOR violated that premise.

The CBL added that their position regarding the HOR’s decision is not for the sake of maintaining or defending a position, but rather, it is out of respect for and compliance with the political agreement- as it is considered to be the only document governing the state .

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