Italy plans to hand over maritime rescue operations to the Libyan Coast Guard

Italian sources reported that they have submitted a plan to be implemented within three years, in which the Libyan Coast Guard forces will be responsible to intercept illegal immigrants in about 10% of the Mediterranean Sea.

The plan, which was published by Reuters on Friday, shows the focus of Italy and the European Union in the rebuilding of the Libyan navy and coastguard’s capacity, by announcing the spending of 44 million euros in order to develop their capabilities by 2020.

The spokesman of the Libyan Coast Guard Ayoub Qasim told Reuters, ” there are no details about the plan, but Italy is keen to cooperate with Libya, because it is more effective to do so,” adding that the search and rescue area of ​​the Libyan Coast Guard patrols for about 145 Kilometers of the coast in some areas, and about 322 kilometers in other areas.

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